The rare Earth Kingdom rabbit-kangaroo from the world of Avatar.

In Book Two: Earth, Chapter Fifteen: The Tales of Ba Sing Se, we get a look at a kangaroo like animal during The Tale of Aang. While looking for Appa, Aang discovers a run down zoo of Earth Kingdom animals.

Aang: What kind of animal is that?

Kenji the zookeeper: Ooh, that’s a rabaroo. I wish I could get her a big open prairie like she likes… and let her hop her way to happiness.

Avatar The Last Airbender Aang and a zookeeper looking at a Rabaroo in a cage

A rabaroo is a hybrid between a rabbit and a kangaroo. It’s face and long floppy ears resembles a rabbit while the rest of the body, legs, and tail resemble a kangaroo.

Avatar The Last Airbender a Rabaroo drinking water

Aang helps the animals and the zookeeper by earth bending a much larger, outdoor habit for the animals between the the inner and outer walls of Ba Sing Se in the Agrarian Zone.

Just like a kangaroo, a rabaroo gets around by hopping and the females of the species carry their young in a pouch. How cute!

Avatar The Last Airbender a Rabaroo with three babies in her pouch
Avatar The Last Airbender three baby Rabaroos in their mothers pouch

…and apparently, much to the dismay of the cabbage merchant, they like cabbages!

My cabbages!!!

Avatar The Last Airbender a Rabaroo eating cabbages
Avatar The Last Airbender the cabbage merchant looking at a Rabaroo eating his cabbages
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