List of anti-kangaroo words

An alphabetical index of all known anti-kangaroo words.

An anti-kangaroo word is a kangaroo words that contains a joey word that is its antonym. Know an anti-kangaroo word that you don’t see on this list? Suggest it using this contact form >

Looking for a different type of kangaroo word? Try kangaroo words, twin kangaroo words, or grand kangaroo words.

Anti-kangaroo wordJoey wordDefinitions
abuseuselearn more >
animosityamitylearn more >
beardedbarelearn more >
communicativemutelearn more >
conventcovenlearn more >
courteouscurtlearn more >
fabricationfactlearn more >
feastfastlearn more >
femalemalelearn more >
friendfiendlearn more >
iconoclasticonlearn more >
pestpetlearn more >
prudentrudelearn more >
prurientpurelearn more >
resignedreignedlearn more >
shehelearn more >
thereherelearn more >
threattreatlearn more >
wonderfulwoefullearn more >

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